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Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common procedure for dentists around the world. This is because wisdom teeth removal is almost a guaranteed requirement in one out of eight individuals.

For most people, their four wisdom teeth start appearing somewhere between their late teens and early 20s. This is where most individuals go from having 28 to 32 teeth. These 4 molars are the last teeth to develop in an adult. When these wisdom teeth appear, they start affecting the arrangement of teeth and this can, at certain times cause a level of discomfort for some people,

For many individuals, the wisdom teeth never appear and stay under the gum line. However, in many cases, the wisdom teeth start growing at an odd angle and end up having a rather painful effect on the gums of an individual. This often calls for wisdom tooth extraction, as these impacted wisdom teeth can not only end up causing a great degree of pain for the individual but can also result in a multitude of problems down the line.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melbourne

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a whole host of infections and a multitude of other dental issues. Getting a wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that relieves the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth and significantly lowers any oral health risks. Even though wisdom teeth removal is fairly commonplace, it cannot be denied that it is a complex procedure that requires an experienced hand. As such, an individual should not take any risks with their wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne and should focus on finding a trusted professional who can take care of this issue.

Premier Dental Group can provide you with safe tooth extraction at the hands of experienced professionals. Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure in dentistry and at Premier Dental Group, we are committed to providing wisdom tooth extraction services in a manner that is as painless as possible.

If you need wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne at the hands of professionals who are passionate about giving you a comfortable experience, then look no further than Premier Dental Group.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth removal is often a frightening prospect for both children and adults. This is not surprising considering that the very concept of tooth extraction brings to mind images of pain and extreme discomfort.

However, with advances in technology and science, tooth extraction has become a relatively swift and painless procedure that does not have any lasting discomfort for the patient.

If you need your tooth extraction done at the hands of professional experts who are well versed in dealing with patients and have a vast amount of experience with the procedure, then reach out to Premier Dental Group. We are well aware of the fear and stigma associated with visiting a dentist, and thus we have focused on ensuring that when an individual visits our clinic for teeth removal, they are provided with a calming experience that eliminates their anxiety and alleviates any tension they might be feeling.

You can be assured that when you approach us for teeth removal, or wisdom tooth extraction, you will have a painless and worry-free experience that will leave your oral health in a much better condition than when you walked in.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
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What are wisdom teeth?

Commonly, when people reach their late teens and early twenties, their four wisdom teeth start peering through. However this can also happen at any age. These teeth occupy the four spots furthest back in your mouth – two on the bottom and two on the top. They’re often called the third molars and are the last teeth an adult will develop.

Why should wisdom teeth get removed?

Sometimes wisdom teeth cause pain, and sometimes they don’t. When the dentists at Premier Dental Group assess your wisdom teeth, they will assess their position, their angle and any impact they are having on the gum and on the teeth next to them. If there is a cause for concern due to any of this issues, our dental experts might recommend extractions. Occasionally, however, the wisdom teeth can be left as they are and monitored regularly.

When do wisdom teeth need to get removed?

Wisdom teeth should ideally get removed before causing complications. Of course, there are some people who grow their wisdom teeth without any issues and another group of people who never even get these last adult teeth. At Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park, we’ll take x-rays of your wisdom teeth and run a full evaluation to recommend when it’s advisable to remove your wisdom teeth.

Contact Premier Dental Group to set an appointment with one of our dentists to check your wisdom teeth.