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If you are suffering a significant amount of discomfort in your teeth or gums, then chances are that you are in dire need of emergency dentistry in Melbourne. For people who need emergency dental care in Melbourne, the good news is that they can simply refer themselves to emergency dentists. An emergency dentist will typically carry out a thorough examination to understand the underlying cause of the discomfort you’re experiencing. This can involve taking x rays to help assess the extent of any potential dental or periodontal damage.

Once the problem has been identified, the emergency dentist will be able to provide you with a regimen for treatment that will help take care of these problems and allow you to recover comfortably. Individuals who require emergency dentistry in Melbourne, are often going through extremely painful oral issues that have been persisting for a significant period of time. As such, your emergency dentist will notify you if multiple appointments are required to comprehensively attend to the underlying cause. This holds true for individuals who have dental infections that would require a series of antibiotics, and in some cases, painkiller medication.

Fortunately for you, emergency dentists are well versed with these kinds of problems and can provide you with a significant amount of relief should you go to an emergency dental clinic.

Our emergency dental services in Melbourne

At Premier Dental Group, we have a team of emergency dentists who are ready to take care of your dental emergency. If you require care for emergency dental in Melbourne, then you can be assured that our team will happy to assist you, using their expertise and patient centred care.

Our emergency dental clinic is committed to providing our patients with prompt care. As such, our emergency dentists come with a vast amount of experience and have a significant amount of knowledge to deal with the vast array of emergency dentistry requirements in Melbourne. We also equipped with modern dental technology to ensure that our patients are afforded an elite level of care when they visit our emergency dental clinic.

Premier Dental Group is located with a medical complex that encompasses General Practitioners, allied health and a pharmacy. This assures that our team have the necessary environment to provide a high standard of emergency dental care.

Our emergency Dental Clinic

When you reach out to us, you can be assured that our response will be swift and prompt and we will be available to see you in a time period that is comfortable for you. If you are suffering from some kind of injury that requires immediate treatment, then we can help you deal with the same. 

Our experienced, and caring dental team will be available to take care of your problems and will ensure that any discomfort that you are feeling is comprehensively assessed and managed. If you are dealing with dental pain that has suddenly appeared, a visit to Premier Dental Group to see one of our emergency dentists can ensure that the problem is managed before irreversible damage occurs.

Our team’s emergency dental clinic aims to provide quality, comfortable care that can assist those looking for an emergency dental clinic in Melbourne. Reach out to the Premier Dental Group team for your urgent dental needs.

Emergency Dental
Prompt, comprehensive
emergency dental services.
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If you or someone you know is experiencing a dental emergency, visit the Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park for prompt, emergency attention. Dental emergencies can be distressing, especially when accompanied with pain or swelling. Sometimes the discomfort can affect your ability to eat and sleep comfortably. It is important that these are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible, to allow you to return to health and comfort.

What can emergency dental care help with?

There are a variety of reasons you would need emergency dental attention including:

  • Tooth pain

  • Sensitivity

  • Broken tooth 

  • Lost filling 

  • Loose or knocked-out tooth

  • Swelling

What can I expect from emergency dental services?

At Premier Dental Group, we’re committed to providing our patients with comprehensive emergency dental services. We’ll do everything in our power to see you as quickly as possible to ensure your emergency dental issues are resolved successfully and promptly. All of our dentists are highly trained and well-equipped to deal with emergency situations and will provide the utmost level of care and attention to each patient.

What will happen during my emergency appointment?

– Our dentists will examine your presenting issue and take an x-ray if required to diagnose the cause of the problem.

– They will then discuss their findings in ways that are easy to understand.

– They will present to you the different options available to address the presenting issue and allow you the opportunity to decide which option you prefer.

– If required our dentists will prescribe medication that can help improve your condition.

– Our dentists will be available for follow up appointments if required.

If you have an emergency dental need, Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park is happy to help.