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Dental implants are often used as a highly successful option to replace missing teeth. In many cases, a tooth can be salvaged through a root canal or a variety of different procedures. However, in certain circumstances, the tooth receives a level of damage where it just cannot be fixed. In these situations, teeth implants are recommended by dentists as a complete replacement for your teeth that not only helps you maintain a pleasing smile but are also comfortable to eat and chew with.

When done at the hands of a professional, getting dental implants in Melbourne can be a long-lasting and stable procedure that can help individuals restore their normal tooth function. Teeth implants are akin to anchors that are placed as a substitute for the natural roots of the teeth. Since these implants need to stay in your mouth, dental implants are made out of materials that are biocompatible with your body.

Teeth implants can be used to replace the absence of a single missing tooth or even several teeth. Where missing teeth are a cause of concern, your dentist can discuss all of the replacement options, including dental implants. Whilst dentures and bridges are also options you can discuss with your dentist, dental implants are a particularly popular solution due to their comfort and long term success.

Looking for dental Implants in Melbourne

Patients seeking dental implants in Melbourne can reach out to Premier Dental Group to learn if this option is right for them.

There are three primary parts to dental implants. They are:

The implant which acts as a substitute for the missing tooth root

The abutment, which creates the connection between the implant

The crown, which is a specifically shaped tooth attachment that is designed to blend in with natural teeth

If you need dental implants in Melbourne, then connect with Premier Dental Group today. When you approach us for a consultation, our professionals will begin assessing your requirement for teeth implants using scans, x-rays, and photos. With this information, our dental professionals will be able to determine if your jaw is suitable for your search for dental implants in Melbourne.

The process of placing teeth implants itself does not take a lot of time and can be completed comfortably. At Premier Dental Group, we use the latest in implant technology to ensure that the entire process can be completed with confidence and trust.

There is usually a allowance of three months between placing an implant and placing a crown. This is to allow the implant to fully integrate. However, this does not mean that you will be left with a gap in your teeth as your dental professional will place a temporary tooth for aesthetic reasons during this three-month interim period.

If you are researching dental implants in Melbourne, then reach out to Premier Dental Group today. We are committed to providing only the best in dental care so you can be assured that in attending to your dental implants in Melbourne query, you will be looked over by dentists who have a long line of experience in working with patients over a multitude of procedures.

Our commitment towards ensuring that your journey with us is comprehensive and success provides a solution for your search for dental implants in Melbourne.

The solution for missing teeth.
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What are dental implants?

Dental implants can be the most effective and long term procedure for replacing missing teeth. They are rods that are designed to be inserted in place of the root of the missing teeth, where they then integrate with existing bone. These implants can then provide support for a crown that is inserted onto the implant. When this process is completed in the right patient and using modern techniques, they”re incredibly stable and long-lasting. They can also be very aesthetic and very comfortable to eat and smile with.

There are three primary parts to a dental implant:

Implant – This device acts as the new root for an artificial tooth. 

Abutment – This connection between the implant and the crown. 

Crown – This is the visible part of the tooth designed to blend in with natural teeth. 

How are dental implants provided?

At Premier Dental Group, our dentist begin the dental implant journey with a comprehensive assessment including photos, x-rays, and scans. This information will help determine if your jaw is suitable for an implant. This predominantly depends on the quantity and quality of bone available to support the implant. Once the planning stage is completed, the implant process can take as little as 45 to 60 minutes to complete. They are generally painless, comfortable procedures that are completed with the latest guided implant technology. Implants are usually left seamlessly in place for 3 months to allow full integration, before a tooth-like crown is placed onto the implant. An aesthetic temporary tooth is used during the integration period to provide an interim, aesthetics solution.

Feel free to contact the experts at Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park to learn if dental implants could be an option for you.