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At Premier Dental Group, we are committed to providing our patients with a comfortable experience whilst providing our wide range of professional dental services. One of our most asked about dental treatments is dental braces.

Our highly trained dentists can assess if you might benefit from orthodontics in the form of braces. This form of tooth alignment is a process our dentists are comprehensively experienced in. Where they diagnose a complicated or rare case, our dentists can also help by referring you to a trusted orthodontist in Melbourne. Reach out to us today and we will get you connected with one of our highly qualified general dentists who can provide you with the assistance you need to begin your orthodontic journey.

Many individuals end up having teeth that grow in different directions which gives a jilted and chaotic appearance to their smile. Fortunately, highly trained general dentists and orthodontists in Melbourne will be able to provide you with dental braces that can position your teeth back in the right position. This has a multitude of advantages including improving an individual’s oral hygiene while reducing risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Furthermore, when all the teeth are arranged to follow aesthetic harmony with the lips and face, then an individual’s smile can be greatly enhanced. The reason why these procedures require the hands of an experienced general dentist is that every single mouth is unique. Certain individuals could have teeth alignment issues from birth and others could have received them as a result of injuries or environmental factors over their life. This is why having an in-depth consultation with your dentist is of paramount importance before you go ahead with any kind of procedure for dental braces.

At Premier Dental Group, we can connect you with an experienced dentist who will be able to assess your needs and discuss all relevant options. If required, we can refer you to orthodontists in Melbourne who can further advise on individual cases

Dental Braces

Dental braces have widely been associated with people of the adolescent age group. However today, dental braces are used for people of all ages to correct a misaligned bite or to straighten crooked teeth. With comprehensive dental braces, an individual can have their teeth repositioned and have a visually appealing smile.

When you get dental braces, you are effectively getting a system that places pressure on each of your teeth to slowly and gently move them to the desired position over a period of time. As a result of the nature of the procedure, an individual might have to visit their dentist multiple times to review and check on the progression of the alignment. The most common visual associated with dental braces is the wiring system where thin wires are attached to the teeth providing gentle pressure to change their alignment. However, today there are multiple types of orthodontics that individuals can go for. When you approach our dentist, they will walk you through these options.

In growing children, there might be a recommendation to use expanders or plates that can promote a natural and healthy development cycle. For individuals who are looking for a less visible procedure, there can be the option of Invisalign® aligners. These are a type of aligners which are barely noticeable and extremely convenient to place. Unlike wired braces, Invisalign dental braces can be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth. When you consult with a trusted dentist from Premier Dental Group, the best treatment options will be discussed with you to allow you to make the decision you feel most comfortable with.

Get the smile you want.
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Orthodontics is the term associated with ways to help to align the teeth and jaws to create a healthy, attractive smile. At Premier Dental Group, our dentists will work with you to assess if this treatment is right for you and plan the best way forward. Braces are a very common way of achieving healthy, straight smiles.

What are braces?
Braces can be metallic or white. They are attached to the teeth and a thin wire applies gentle pressure onto the braces to slowly move the teeth into their ideal position.
Who should receive orthodontics?

There’s a popular misconception that only teenagers should get braces and other orthodontic care. In reality, these effective procedures can help improve dental health and appearance of patients of many ages. Our team can assess young kids, young adults and older adults to provide advice about the ideal, bespoke orthodontic care.

When should I get orthodontics?

The dentists at Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park will recommend orthodontics whenever they feel a patient can benefit from treatment. Due to the development of adult teeth, many teenage patients are advised to receive some of these procedures. However, anyone experiencing alignment issues can benefit from an assessment. Often times, however, our dental experts might recommend no treatment or a waiting period before commencing treatment. This will be assessed during your consultation.

Other forms of orthodontics?

Besides braces, our dentists might discuss with you the benefits of expanders or plates where beneficial. These are particularly useful in growing children where their growth can be assisted to help natural, healthy development. Another extremely popular form of orthodontics is Invisalign®. This can be used in kids and adults to straighten teeth whilst being almost invisible. Click here to learn more about Invisalign®.

Feel free to contact Premier Dental Group for an orthodontic assessment.