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A custom mouthguard is one of the safest ways to ensure that an individual does not damage their teeth while being involved in any physical activity, like sports or cycling. These thrilling activities may be highly appealing, but a single unexpected collision can absolutely destroy your teeth and can hurt your mouth severely.

To combat this danger, custom made mouth guards are used. A mouthguard is a type of shield for your teeth that is worn during any activity that could potentially involve a risk of impact to the face. A high impact injury of this nature can result in chipped or broken teeth in the best-case scenario. In the worst case, however, they can include jaw fractures and damage to the lips and gums.

When a direct impact is suffered by the lower part of your face, then the force can travel through your jaw all the way up to the skull. This can cause concussions and even fractures to the jaw, which results in both rows of teeth suffering from heavy damage.

This kind of dental trauma causes a significant amount of pain and is very difficult to replace when the damage is extremely severe. In these situations, a custom made mouthguard can absorb the shock of such an injury and can significantly lessen the impact of the force that was applied to your jaw. In fact, dental injuries contribute to 1/3 of traumatic injuries suffered by children while playing sports. As such, a custom made mouthguard has become crucial to ensure that not only adults but even children can play without being worried about injuring themselves too badly.

Furthermore, mouth guards have become mandatory in many sports and training regimens. Initially, they were mandated for any sport that could be regarded as a contact sport but today, almost any activity that could cause any potential risk to your face mandates a custom made mouthguard.

Custom Made Mouthguard

There is a common fear that a mouthguard could affect an individual’s athletic performance. This information has come from certain studies that reported negative effects with individuals who were using mouthguards like breathing difficulties or overall discomfort.

However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the individuals who reported these negative effects did not have a custom mouthguard, but were working with a type of mouthguard known as a boil-and-bite. These are over the counter mouth guards that can be used by anyone and can adhere to any kind of tooth shape. Unfortunately, the protection provided by these types of mouthguards is rudimentary at best. If you want a mouthguard that comprehensively protects your teeth while not impeding your athletic performance, then you need to go for a custom made mouthguard.

To create these mouthguards, the dentist will create a plaster model from impressions of your teeth to create the best possible fit. These mouth guards are custom made for different individuals and provide a snug fit without even impeding a person’s ability to speak.

Almost all Olympic athletes that are involved in contact sports have a custom made mouthguard. With a custom mouthguard, you can allow your children to participate in rugged activities without being worried about them suffering any significant damage to the teeth.

Custom Mouthguards
Protect your smile.
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What are custom mouthguards?

A custom mouthguard is designed to protect your teeth, gums and jaws. Whether you’re playing a sport in school, have a physically demanding job, or engaging in any other kind of physical activity, a custom mouthguard can protect your smile by reducing the amount of impact your teeth and jaw feel.

Why should I get a custom mouthguard?

Think of a custom-fitted mouthguard like an insurance policy against the possibility of significant damage to your teeth. Instead of having to pay for a costly procedure to fix a chipped, loose, or completely lost tooth, you’re investing in a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth from accidents.

What are the advantages of a custom mouthguard?
  • They’re custom-tailored to fit your unique mouth for ultimate protection. 

  • They’re good for a long time after customisation. 

  • They fit well in your mouth to prevent movement. 

  • They’re made of durable, vinyl material.  

  • You can customise the colours of the mouthguard.,

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