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Dental Crown

Keep your damaged teeth protected from further issues.
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What’s a dental crown?
A dental crown is a tooth coloured protective shell that’s placed on top of a tooth. Over time, the tooth structure can become worn or cracked, particularly where big fillings have been placed in the past. This wear makes a tooth susceptible to significant damage which can lead to teeth breaking. The dentists at Premier Dental Group will examine the condition of your teeth to determine whether or not a dental crown is necessary. It’s our goal with this procedure to protect your teeth from further decay and damage.
What are the benefits of dental crowns?
Dental crowns are a quick, cost-effective, and a painless way to protect your teeth. Enamel plays a vital role in protecting your teeth from becoming damaged, but this layer is often broken down leaving your teeth exposed. With a dental crown, you’re improving the strength of your tooth while protecting it. By protective and strengthening fragile teeth, crowns can also make it easier to eat and drink. Crowns can be customised to look like your adjacent teeth, so they are aesthetic as well as functional.
When do I need a dental crown?
  • Your tooth is weak, broken, or worn down. 

  • You need to cover a dental implant. 

  • Your tooth is cracked. 

  • The tooth has received a root canal. 

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