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Dental Bridge

Get rid of gaps in your teeth.
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What is a dental bridge?
A dental bridge is designed to help fill in gaps left by a missing tooth. This tooth may have been lost, extracted, maybe it never grew in. Regardless of the cause, the dentists at Premier Dental Group will use a small ceramic structure to span any gaps in your smile. A dental bridge is comprised of a single ceramic tooth, one or two crowns that anchor the bridge on secure teeth, and the actual bridge element.
Why do I need a dental bridge?
This procedure helps fill in gaps within a person’s smile to restore confidence and function. Whenever you have a tooth removed or missing, our cosmetic experts can assist you through the process of getting a dental bridge to bring your smile back to an aesthetic, natural state.
What are the advantages of a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are simple in design and quick to apply. To make sure your smile remains as natural as possible, our dental bridges are custom-tailored to fit the shape of your mouth.

Feel free to contact the team at Premier Dental Group i Roxburgh Park to learn if this treatment could be right for you.